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American Music Trail
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41 days
Big Sky & Rocky Mountain High
United States RV Tours
42 days
Cajun Crawl – Louisiana Style
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27 days
Civil War & Historic USA
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Experience Kentucky
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34 days
Fabulous Florida
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44 days
Fall Foliage & Niagara Falls
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33 days
Finger Lakes
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28 days
Get Your Kicks on Route 66
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52 days
Great River Road & Fall Colors
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32 days
Historic East Coast America
United States RV Tours
36 days

If you live in America, you might be thinking of planning your next vacation outside the country. A lot of travelers believe they’ve seen all of America because it’s their home. At Adventure Caravans, we offer you a chance to see why there might be more to explore in America such as:

• The diversity of our cultures make our communities unique. Our nation was built by the immigrants who came here hundreds of years ago, and they brought along their unique cultural background with them. Today we see these cultures and they offer us a chance to explore what life was like back then as well as today.
• America holds some of the most beautiful cities and natural landmarks. From our distinct cultures came great cities that represent the people who live in it. As you visit each cities, you’ll notice how similar and yet different they are from small things such as the way they love Coca-Cola but some call it pop, some soda, and some coke.
• Our foods have distinct flavors that were passed down from generation to generation. Each culture prides itself in having unique foods. Eating new types of food is just about half the fun of vacations!

Our American tours are exactly what you need if you’re looking for adventurous vacation. A nation of diverse backgrounds, what you see in one tour will be very different from another.

Our tours offer you the chance to explore each corner of America and the rich cultures that make it so distinct from the rest.

In the East you’ll be able to visit great destination cities such as New York, Boston, etc. These cities are great to visit because they have a culture that you can’t copy anywhere else. When new immigrants came to these cities in the past, they created a community hub that we enjoy today such as Chinatown and Little Italy to name a few. It makes a difference having someone to guide you to the best local spots.

As you enjoy the modern leisure available in the cities, we’ll give you a guided tour to famous historical landmarks. Take a stroll in Lincoln Center or explore the USS Constitution Museum to see some of the history that made America what it is today.

The Midwest and the South are also destinations that hold a strong culture that still influences people today. Our Great River Road Fall Colors tour will take you from Minnesota down to Louisiana. You’ll be able to see beautiful, natural landmarks to old historical buildings that make these states unique.

Our Cajun Crawl will take you to the most distinct people of Louisiana. If you know a little bit of Cajun style cooking, then you don’t want to miss this opportunity to eat home style Louisiana cooking. Eating good food and traveling to entertaining places, you’ll definitely want to come back for more!

Tours on the West will give you a great opportunity to see beautiful national parks as well as the cities that made the Westcoast a travel destination.

Now that you know there’s much more to visit in America, contact us today to book your next vacation. Adventure Caravans offers a variety of tours in America, view the available tours below and join us in our adventure.