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Top 3 Reasons to Caravan

Adventure Caravans welcomes thousands of people much like yourself, independent travelers, to the unique experience of caravanning each year. We are continually reminded by our guests who share their stories and experiences with friends, family and new neighbors in campgrounds around the world. The three most common experiences from first-time caravanners continue to be true.

car·a·van [kar-uh-van] Noun 1. a group of travelers, as merchants or pilgrims, journeying together for convenience or safety in passing through a territory, etc. 2. any group traveling in or as if in a caravan and using a specific mode of transportation, as pack animals or motor vehicles: We traveled in a caravan of strangers with a common goal. 

Reason 1


“We have been RVing for more than 12 years and were burning out – our Adventure Caravan changed everything! This was our first ever RV Vacation, for 30 days in a row we relaxed more, enjoyed more and saw more than we had in all of our years of RVing.” Guests soon realize the burden of planning, routing and scheduling are lifted and that caravan travel is not only easy – it’s what an RV Vacation should be. Our office and field staff work together to make certain that arrangements, routes, and services you would expect of each area traveled are addressed and ready for your arrival. We have pre-planned the best route that is both safe and scenic – with turn-by-turn instructions to guide you between parks and give you points of interest along the route too.

Reason 2


“…we had no idea there was so much to do! The shows, events, activities, museums… and we’ve been here before …three times!” Our guests enjoy twice as much when they tour with Adventure Caravans. We research the areas and develop a package of activities that capture the history, quality, culture, character, and charm of each destination. Many guests comment that had we not included many of our hidden treasures they would have missed those experiences on their own. It is common for RVers to pick from unknown choices – we visit the attractions each year to make the best selections for you.

Reason 3


“Just knowing there is a Tailgunner behind us put us at ease. Though we never broke down… we knew someone who could help was always looking out for us.” Guests have all agreed – knowing that if they had mechanical troubles, or if a traveling friend met some challenges, there is comfort and peace-of-mind knowing the Tailgunner will show-up shortly to lend a hand.



We will custom design an exclusive tour or rally for any group or club of 16 or more rigs.  We not only encourage group travel, but we also offer group discount rates. If your club needs some help organizing, leading or conducting a tour – please contact our offices for additional information and assistance. 


Yes. We will customize almost any tour – first half, second half …even something in the middle. We help you determine the best location to rendezvous price that portion and get you started on your vacation.


Adventure Caravans is one of the largest and most respected RV Tour Companies in the world. By including more days, more stops and more exceptional experiences we continue to grow through ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising… that saves us a bundle and in return makes for a better group of travelers… when you tell people what you like about Adventure Caravans… and they tell others… then effectively you will be traveling with the people you know and like. It’s been working for us since 1994.

All RV Caravan Prices Include

CAMPING FEES for the nights listed.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES of our field staff to facilitate the group needs.

TICKETS & ADMISSIONS for Shows,Events & Activities listed.

ASSORTED TOURS by Motorcoach, Boat, Tram & Train PLUS the services of Professional Tour Guides as listed.

NAME BADGES made of a durable laminate.

GRATUITIES for Wait Staff, Guides, Drivers, Crew Members and other service providers for group events.

MEALS, SOCIALS & PARTIES as listed in the current itinerary + a few surprises.

MERCHANDISE GIFT or certificate* worth $30/person for apparel and assorted, available merchandise.

* first-time guests receive a complimentary jacket in lieu of a merchandise certificate.