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The best years of our lives seem to be getting better. This is a time for enjoyment, travel, exploration, and adventure. Treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation like you have never experienced before… an Adventure Caravans tour.

We create tours with you in mind. We’ve included the highlights at each destination, incorporated events, activities and culture along the route – it is our goal to exceed expectations. This is for people who are looking for a meaningful vacation – let someone else set the route, plan the activities and provide you with the vacation experience of a lifetime.

Since the mid 90’s, Adventure Caravans has operated tours across the US, Canada, Mexico, Alaska and overseas… we even offered a tour from Texas to Panama that includes all seven countries of Central America. We have always recommended that your decision process includes comparisons of the other caravan companies so that you can choose the tour and company that best meets your needs.

Our company history and success is only a small portion of what makes Adventure Caravans an exceptional business. We continually work to improve our services and offerings. Our training programs, emergency services and industry knowledge are the standard abilities of what you should be looking for. But our greatest asset is our people. Both our field staff and guests are exceptional in every way. The field staff is selected for their passion and capabilities – these are the people you want to travel with. A rare mixture of leadership, service oriented, problem solving, event hosting, fun loving tour guide is wrapped into every Wagonmaster and Tailgunner. While our guests are the most generous, flexible and enjoyable people you may ever meet.

From the moment you make contact with one of our people (office staff, field staff or guests) you should be genuinely impressed by their passion for Adventure Caravans and wanting to welcome you to one of our tours.