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Meet our Staff

We carefully select our field staff – choosing top-quality professionals with outstanding people skills and problem-solving capabilities. Our office staff is dedicated to building and creating tours from amazing destinations.  The leadership and genuine desire of our field staff to create an enjoyable experience for each guest is what makes Adventure Caravans special….it’s our people. From the top down you will find experienced and professional people. The Adventure Caravans founders and Leadership Team are long-time RVers who have made their life business the RV Tour Industry. The leadership team continually works with all staff (Office & Field) to provide training and develop skills that will lead to greater guest satisfaction. Our people are the difference. Each of our field staff members (Wagonmasters & Tailgunners) have ‘been-there-done-that’ and have exceptional skills in problem-solving to identify and resolve mechanical, operational and personal situations that may impact the experience. It is much more than a blend of friendly personalities and being an RVer – there is planning, training, hospitality, negotiation, resolution and a little bit of marketing that goes into each of the staff. The Adventure Caravans administrative team works closely with the travel and tour industry across North America and Overseas to identify the destinations and attractions that best suits the desires of our guests and trends of the market. We are partnered with more than 30 travel and tour professionals who have combined their areas, skills and unique qualities to offer greater travel opportunities. We are members of the top industry organizations that make decisions about travel, safety, and federal regulation in tourism, transportation, and RV manufacturing. Adventure Caravans has been operating successful tours since 1994. We have developed products and services to make your RV Vacation exceptional. From our Preparation Packets to turn-by-turn Trip Logs we are providing materials that are useful and informative, we are developing more interactive tools for guests through our website and emerging technologies – but the most important thing that we do, and we do well is listening. We welcome guest feedback, comments, and accolades so we can continue to improve – knowing what we have done well and where we can do better.

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