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There’s something special about caravans… whether you travel with us or with another company, you will soon discover that tours by caravan [an escorted RV tour] is more fun, and more exciting than you may have ever imagined. Adventure Caravans is one of the largest most established and respected RV Tour Companies in the world. By including more days, more stops and more exceptional experiences – we have grown (in large part) from word-of-mouth advertising.

Our tours are loaded with experiences, inclusions, and activities – while creating an atmosphere of adventure and independence. We have tours that will introduce you to the last American frontier, take you back in time along historical paths, introduce you to foreign cultures and provide you with a lifetime of memories and stories to share with friends and family.

We all come from different places and have different ideas, but what makes us caravanners is a shared sense of adventure – along with an experience that includes companionship. If you are new to the idea of caravan travel – think about the joys of exploration along with freedoms and independence of RV travel without having to plan a travel route, itinerary or activities calendar. We provide the route, an assortment of activities and all the planning to make your Adventure Caravan a memorable experience.

Each of our tours includes campground fees, trip logs, and merchandise along with everything that is listed in the tour itinerary. Be sure to check out STANDARD FEATURES when reviewing your selected tour. Tours operating in North America will have different Standard Features than tours offered overseas.