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Travel Methods

Many of our first-time guests believe that while on caravan they are going to all travel in a row – like a convoy. This is both impractical and illegal. Our philosophy incorporates the idea that ‘this is your vacation’ – and that caravan travel includes freedoms and independence that (as an RVer) you have grown to expect.

Independent, Pod and Scattered are the three methods of travel we promote while on a caravan. Independent Travel is by far the most common method. Our Wagonmasters (tour leaders) will provide a window of time between their departure and the Tailgunners departure, all guests wishing to have the services of the Tailgunner should leave before the Tailgunner team. Though you may choose to travel earlier than the Wagonmaster or later than the Tailgunner – it is your vacation – we ask that you do not arrive in the destination campground before the Wagonmaster. If you choose to deviate from the caravan route, we ask that you inform the staff before doing so and that you accept responsibility for your decision.

Pod Travel is common at the start of many caravans. The Wagonmaster may assign groups of 3 (or 4 rigs at most) to travel together to begin the travel day, so that guests can begin to foster relationships, but mostly to avoid a convoy situation. Pods are released from the park at a designated time so that the roads do not become congested with RVers and so there is less congestion at en-route stops.

Scattered Travel is a method that combines Pods and Independent Travelers to enjoy the en-route activities while allowing for the method of travel that is best suited for all caravanners. This method of travel is how most caravans finish the tour. Guests tend to find like-minded travelers who want to enjoy the same type of en-route stops as well as traveling habits, while others enjoy their travel day exploring the route individually.

Convoy Travel is only employed at challenging Border Crossings in foreign countries or in already congested and confusing traffic situations. Many of the overseas tours offer a loose convoy travel method to allow for communication over short-wave radios while traveling (much like a tour guide on a bus tour would use a Public Address system), while still allowing for other vehicles to pass amongst the caravan.

All methods of travel we choose to engage in, offer the convenience and safety of group travel as well as the freedom and independence when you want – stopping at the places that most interest you and creating the experience worthy of a true RV Vacation.