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Join us for our Spring Mega-Rallies – It’s a “Family Affair”


2018 Nashville – Mega Rally Reunion
Mega Rallies | Nationwide & International RV Tours
11 days
2019 Oklahoma City – Mega Rally Reunion
Mega Rallies | Nationwide & International RV Tours
11 days
2020 San Antonio – Mega Rally Reunion
Mega Rallies | Nationwide & International RV Tours
11 days



New Adventures Since the Last Catalog

New and exciting Adventures added since the 2014-2016 catalog

All About Newfoundland
Canada RV Tours
51 days
Australia: Queensland
Australia, Nature Tour, Overseas Tours
18 days
Australia: Sydney
Australia, Nature Tour, Overseas Tours, Sydney
4 days
Australia: The Outback
Australia, Nature Tour, Overseas Tours, The Outback
15 days
Experience Kentucky
United States RV Tours
34 days
Fabulous Florida
United States RV Tours
44 days
Finger Lakes
United States RV Tours
New Zealand
Australia, Nature Tour, New Zealand, Overseas Tours
20 days



Updated Adventures Since the Last Catalog

Adventures with date and/or itinerary changes from the 2014-2016 catalog

Big Sky & Rocky Mountain High
United States RV Tours
42 days
Experience Kentucky
United States RV Tours
34 days
Fabulous Florida
United States RV Tours
44 days
Rose Parade – America’s New Year Celebration
Rallies | Nationwide & International RV Tours
8 days
United Kingdom & Ireland
Belgium, England, Europe, France, Germany, Ireland, Overseas Tours, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales
36 days



There is only one Adventure Caravans…

and the adventure starts here…


In 1994, we started Adventure Caravans with the idea of providing exciting, unforgettable, fun-filled vacations for our guests’ enjoyment… and we’re doing just that!

This is our passion – creating experiences that are timely and exceptional while exploring events and activities in destinations across the country, the continent and around the world. It is up to our administrative team, with the recommendations of our guests and field staff, to ensure the best experience and provide the best value for your dollar. We work uncompromisingly to fulfill your RV dream vacations.

Our priority continues to be customer service. Our administrative team participates in our caravans and rallies, and attends RV shows to assure our standards of excellence exceed your expectations. What truly sets us apart is our staff … people with heart, dedication and a love for travel and the RV community. This is the reason Adventure Caravans continues to lead the RV Travel Industry. We hope what we have done, and continue to do, will earn your trust, friendship and your business.

We take pride knowing that our customers are satisfied at the end of their tours because we work hard to make it truly an adventure for you or your family.

If you’ve ever planned a vacation then you’ll know how frustrating it can be to map out where your destination will be. We’ll take away all the hassle in your vacation so you can enjoy even more of your time. In our guided tours, we’ll map out hotspots for you to visit as well as having an itinerary to maximize time efficiency.

One of the greatest benefit our guided tours offer is the itinerary because it gives you an idea at how much time you’ll be able to spend at each destination. People often take vacations at one spot because they think it’s the best, our tours make it so you can visit them all!

We understand committing a lot of time to have a vacation can be difficult, especially when you have deadlines to meet. But we want to emphasize that taking care of your body is the most important box to check. Take a break and tour with us around the world and revitalize your body and mind.

Our tours cover a variety of locations as well as time dedication. We often have tours that last 8 – 11 days as well as longer tours that go up to 63 days. No matter what you choose, we put 100% of our effort making sure your trip become the highlight of your year.

We invite you to compare destinations, itineraries and the duration of our trips – I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only do we have the experience of providing great services during RV tours, we take effort to learn more each day hoping to make the next tour even better.

We want your next RV adventure to be a life enriching experience … and create memories for a lifetime.

Where can we take you next?



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