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Washington D.C.

  • Destination: Rallies | Nationwide & International RV Tours
  • Duration: 10 days

April 18 – April 27, 2018

Two Person / RV $4,195
One Person / RV $3,495
Additional Guest $1,995

April 17 – April 26, 2019

Two Person / RV $4,495
One Person / RV $3,695
Additional Guest $2,095

April 15 – April 24, 2020

Two Person / RV $4,795
One Person / RV $3,895
Additional Guest $2,195

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Washington is a grand capital of wide avenues, public squares, the ‘National Mall’, and many inspiring buildings.

The national landmarks are a big part of what makes America’s capital a must-visit experience. You will be awestruck at the sights the capital offers. What better time to visit than spring, when flowers and blooming trees abound?-

Take a tour to historical buildings that saw all of America’s changes. Each landmark you visit during the RV tour all hold a significant value in America’s past. Take this opportunity to know the buildings that help form America today.

-Visit more modern leisure activities in Washington D.C. As well as touring through history, more modern aspects of the capital will be

-Our guided tours make sure your vacation is fun, exciting, and safe! Our staff are readily available during the tour so that you won’t lose any time if you encounter a problem. We’re taking away the frustration in your vacation!

This is a unique tour that lets you experience the history instead of reading it. Some of the destinations will let you step back in time with their interactive venues giving you a unique experience from the rest.

Our friendly and experienced staff work diligently to make this experience a vacation you won’t forget anytime soon.

We’ll visit a vast array of museums including the amazing Smithsonian Museums, fascinating Newseum, intriguing International Spy Museum, and the powerful US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Arlington National Cemetery with the changing of the guard, George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Clara Barton’s apartment, and Ford’s Theater, where Lincoln was shot are among the historic sites we visit.

One highlight of our Washington D.C. tour is Mount Vernon because of all the exciting activities available on the site. As the home of the first president of America, it has been well maintained to portray a likeness of how George Washington lived. Newer additions were made to the plantation such as the Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center where you can view art displays about Washington’s life.

This is just the tip of the tour, there are more destinations that’s waiting to be explored.

As well as the availability to explore the historic building, Mount Vernon manages the same animals that were raised by Washington as livestock. In their Pioneer Farm you’ll be able to see the livestock and interact with them though historical interpreters giving you a truly magnificent experience.

Some of our key visits will be to several memorials dedicated to presidents, war veterans, and legends. The visit through different memorials are a great experience because each one shows the bravery and sacrifice of great leaders and war veterans.

We’ll enjoy many wonderful meals; including a fabulous waterfront dinner in Georgetown, lunch at the oldest saloon in DC, an elegant buffet lunch while cruising and sightseeing on the Potomac River, and a special Farewell Dinner where you can explore a mansion which has over 100 rooms, more than 70 secret doors, 34 bathrooms, 16 kitchens and 2 wine cellars; and the food is delicious.

The Washington D.C. tour is more than just stepping back in time. We’ve worked tirelessly so that you can enjoy more recent leisure activities the capital has to offer.

We visit the Kennedy Center to see a unique show; chock full of up-to-the-minute spontaneous humor and will see the illuminated views of our National Monuments and Federal Buildings from the roof. Just breathtaking!

This wonderful mix of past and present will make your trip to America’s capital a great highlight to your year. Experience all the key destinations that would make any travel goers excited in. Not only do we plan our tours for you, we take all necessary precaution to avoid any setbacks.

With our guided tour you’ll be assured that any complications you might face are handled by our experienced staff. You won’t have to worry about your car breaking down or even simple yet frustrating obstacle like finding parking.

Guided tours also mean that we’ve taken the hassle in planning a vacation by highlighting key destinations to incorporate events, activities, and culture along the route! You just follow it to your pace and enjoy.

We stay at Cherry Hill RV Park in nearby College Park, MD. A wonderful park with full hook-ups, many amenities and close to DC.

Take a look at our itinerary for the tour and get to know your next vacation destination much sooner. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Don’t miss this first class rally to our Nation’s Capital.


Day 1
● Orientation and Get Acquainted Social
Day 2
Arlington National Cemetery
● Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Statue)
● 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon
● United States Air Force Memorial
● Family Style Italian Dinner
Day 3
● National Zoo
– Home of the Famous Giant Pandas
● Lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn
● Mount Vernon
● The Garden’s of Mount Vernon
Day 4
● Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
● Odyssey III Cruise on the Potomac River with Brunch
● Clara Barton Apartment & Office of Missing Soldiers
● National Portrait Gallery
Day 5
● Free Day
Day 6
● International Spy Museum
● National Mall – Your Choice of Smithsonian Institutions to Visit
– National Museum of American History
– National Museum of Natural History
– National Gallery of Art
– National Air & Space Museum
– National Museum of the American Indian
– Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
– Freer Gallery of Art
– National Museum of African Art
● United States Holocaust Museum
● Dinner at one of Georgetown’s Finest Restaurants
● Shear Madness Show at the Kennedy Center
– for the Performing Arts
Day 7
● Lunch at a Washington Landmark
● The Newseum
● National World War II Memorial
● Vietnam Veterans Memorial
● Lincoln Memorial
● Korean War Veterans Memorial
● Illuminated Monuments, Memorials &
– Grand Buildings Driving Tour
Day 8
White House Visitor Center & Photo Op
● Lafayette Square
● Lunch at a Traditional Favorite in DC
● Ford Theatre
● Petersen House
● Center for Education & Leadership
● Martin Luther King, Jr National Memorial
● Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial
● Jefferson Memorial
Day 9
● Washington National Cathedral
● Embassy Row
● United States Capitol Visitor Center & Tour
● United States Library of Congress
● Supreme Court Building
● National Archives
● Farewell Dinner at one of Washington’s Most Treasured Locations
Day 10
● Hitch-up Continental Breakfast, Hugs & Goodbyes

Please note: Itinerary may change due to high demand and availability of date & time sensitive tickets at several venues.

Tour Features

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  • “This trip fulfilled our once-in-a-lifetime desire and more. It was top notch and we will (and already have) recommended it to many!”
    Dale & Cheryl Curtis
  • Enjoyed this rally because the wagonmaster & assistant were a lot of fun and made the rally so much fun without worry!  Thank you everyone!   We love traveling with Adventure Caravans!   A great way to have a vacation!

    Tom & Peggy Burns
  • “Exciting tours, delicious dinners, close to speedway—good seats. It was all good.”
    Rick & Gail Davies
  • “We like the combination of enroute stops, free days to explore and planned AVC tours/activities. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour.”
    Winston & Linda Norris
  • We loved it!!  The entire team worked like clockwork together!  Made us feel very comfortable and welcome.  We loved them all!  The entire trip was so well put together.  All the activities were well thought out and so interesting.  Very diverse and so enjoyable.

    Don & Kathy Gogna
  • “The Rallymaster & diverse group made the trip awesome. We enjoyed everything. The little things—concern for the people was always evident, it shows the company works for people and their enjoyment.”
    Thomas Sepka


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Washington D.C.

  • “This trip fulfilled our once-in-a-lifetime desire and more. It was top notch and we will (and already have) recommended it to many!”
    Dale & Cheryl Curtis
  • “Excellent! Everyday was a surprise. Bus driver was great. Everyone did a great job.”
    Christine & Harold McChesney
  • First let me say that Barbara and I enjoyed the rally.  We would give it a solid 10+ points.  We look forward eagerly to our next adventure.  We would enthusiastically recommend Adventure Caravans to friends or strangers.  It was fun!

    Frank & Barbara McCollum
  • “Exciting tours, delicious dinners, close to speedway—good seats. It was all good.”
    Rick & Gail Davies
  • “The team was a great team. They worked well together, we had a ball.”
    Hank & Berta
  • “Fantastic experience to travel in RV and have guide and arrangements made. The freedom to deviate from the schedule gave freedom to do what you want. Logistics were excellent. Wagonmasters were very experienced to meet all needs of the caravan. Wonderful team.”
    Doug & Kay Marsh
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