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New York City

  • Destination: Rallies | Nationwide & International RV Tours

September 01 – September 10, 2017

Two Person / RV $5,995
One Person / RV $3,895
Additional Guest $2,895

September 07 – September 16, 2018

Two Person / RV $6,295
One Person / RV $4,095
Additional Guest $3,095

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Come on, and be a part of it! New York!

Adventure Caravans serves you up a generous bite of the Big Apple in an unforgettable tour of New York City’s finest and most exciting attractions. Be ready to immerse yourself in the city that doesn’t sleep as you are made privy to the palpable energy of its endless cultural corridors, the nation’s most storied monuments, and legendary architectural landmarks. New York City, considered the portal to the world, is today a riveting cultural melting-pot that has managed to shape the most internationally mosaic commonwealth of any other city in the world.

The Adventure Caravans’ campsite at Liberty Harbor Marina and RV Park is located on the Hudson River and boasts a breathtaking view of Manhattan’s reputable skyline and the majestic Statue of Liberty. We inaugurate our New York City RV tour with an orientation and social mixer soon after arriving and setting up camp. Then, it is time to rest up because what follows are nine jam-packed days of taking in the sights, sounds, and experiences this dynamic city has to offer.

It is just as true today as it was in years past, New York City serves as the gateway to our nation for people around the world, and those who stayed helped form the intricate and diverse citizenship this country is known for today. The city is home to many of the most iconic landmarks that symbolize American freedom, and were the first sights to be seen far and wide by the many immigrants arriving by sea. These sites still adorn our shores as beacons of freedom, and we dedicate a full day to explore and take in their historic significance by way of a Harbor Cruise and visits to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Who could ever forget the date of September 11, 2001, when al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four airliners and carried out suicide attempts on four prominent American targets, two of which were the twin towers in New York City? The planes were flown into the buildings, ultimately decimating them both, and resulting in the untimely deaths of over 3,000 people. It would be remiss of us to not include a visit to the Ground Zero and 9/11 Museum and Memorial at the very site of the most horrific terrorist attack ever carried out on U.S. soil.

New York City has continued birthing history and establishing points of interest that attract people worldwide. Adventure Caravans takes in some of these more recent iconic attractions like the regal Empire State Building, once boasted the tallest building in the world, the hustle and bustle of Grand Central Station and Times Square, the majesty of Lincoln Center, opulent Trump Tower, and the awe-inspiring beauty of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Make your appearance known with some noise for a chance to send a televised “hello!” to folks at home on NBC’s Today Show, featuring a tour of Rockefeller Center.

Hungry yet? A city as diverse as New York can easily satisfy even the most discriminating palette with its array of fine restaurants and staple eateries. Some tour highlights include a visit to Eataly and a food sampling anthology during the Greenwich Village Noshing Tour. We will also lunch at the celebrated Carmine’s Restaurant, and dinner at Sylvia’s world famous soul food restaurant in Harlem’s historic district will be an experience in itself.

New York City’s theater scene is second to none and can be found up and down its world-renown Broadway. The talent, excitement and performance excellence is so integral to the city experience, Adventure Caravans’ NYC tour includes tickets to two Broadway Shows. The city’s entertainment mecca doesn’t end there. We also stop to tour Radio City Music Hall and make a point to experience the city’s thriving shopping scene and parks, from its 5th Avenue and Chelsea Market, to visiting High Line Park and taking a carriage ride through Central Park.
One of the most compelling characteristics of New York City remains the varied ways of life found in a myriad of cultural thoroughfares. We explore these with visits to eclectic Manhattan Island, NYC’s Chinatown and Little Italy, along with the posher lifestyles of the city’s West and Upper East Sides, where John F Kennedy, Jr. could once be found briskly walking to work, the offices of his George magazine, and where many entertainment stars continue to surprise the unsuspecting visitor with appearances.

The tour package to this most influential destination is truly a labor of love, thoughtfully put together to secure the most gratifying and fulfilling experience possible for our adventurers. An additional day was added to the originally nine-day tour to allow those valuable extra moments to exhale and take in the New York City experience. Check out the itinerary below for a complete list of stops, visits, and tours included in this Adventure Caravans New York City Tour exclusive.

So, start spreading the news….Adventure heads to New York City!


Day 1
● Orientation & Get Acquainted Party
● RV Park with View of Statue of Liberty & Manhattan Skyline.
Day 2
● Guided New York City Motorcoach Tour
● New York City Familiarization & Fun Tour with Former Broadway Actress/Guide
● Times Square
● Madison Square Garden (Drive By)
● Herald Square (Drive By)
● Visit Eataly
● High Line Park
● Chelsea Market
● Little Italy
● Chinatown
● Lower East Side
● Ground Zero and 9/11 Museum & Memorial Visit
● Dinner at World Famous Sylvia’s Restaurant
Day 3
● Harbor Cruise to Visit Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
Day 4
● Carriage Ride thru Central Park
● New York City Motorcoach Tour
● Teardrop Monument – Bayonne, NJ
● Greenwich Village Noshing Tour
● American Museum of Natural History
Day 5
● New York City Motorcoach Tour
● Visit ‘Today Show’ Location
● Guided NBC Studio Tour
● Rockefeller Center Visit
● Top of the Rock (Observation Deck)
● Lunch at Famous Carmine’s Restaurant
● Radio City Music Hall Back Stage Tour
● St. Patrick’s Cathedral Visit
● Popular Hit Broadway Show
● New York City Night Lights
Day 6
● Motorcoach Transportation to New York for Optional Broadway
– Show, Professional Baseball Game or other Activities
Day 7
● Guided New York City Motorcoach Tour
● United Nations Guided Tour
● Grand Central Station
● Trump Tower
● Manhattan Island
● 5th Avenue
● Lincoln Center (Drive By)
● Upper East & West Side
● Spirit of New York Buffet Dinner Cruise
Day 8
● Time to Explore New York City by Path, Train, Boat or Bus
● Transportation Fees Included
Day 9
● New York City Motorcoach Tour
● Empire State Building Tour
● Popular Hit Broadway Show
● Farewell Dinner
Day 10
● Hitch-up Continental Breakfast, Hugs & Good-byes

Tour Features

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– Two ‘Hit’ Broadway Shows
– Spirit Of New York Buffet Dinner Cruise
– Hotel Option Available



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  • I must say it was way beyond my wildest dreams and thoughts of South Africa. First of all, I have to say that the people were exceptional. They were beautiful not only in looks, their beauty was in everything they did for us. They were so happy to talk with us and question us about America. They all would love to come over here to visit but said they knew they would never be able to afford the trip. I was overwhelmed with the young children and their attitude toward us. They laughed, smiled and waved to us all along the highways on their way to school. I have to admit, I was so proud of how they were dressed and their pride. Our American children have so much and appreciate it so little.
    Carole & Len Adams
  • “Fantastic experience to travel in RV and have guide and arrangements made. The freedom to deviate from the schedule gave freedom to do what you want. Logistics were excellent. Wagonmasters were very experienced to meet all needs of the caravan. Wonderful team.”
    Doug & Kay Marsh
  • “The things I liked best on this rally were, everything! Never could have done so much on our own.”
    Carolyn & Cheeze Cheezum
  • First let me say that Barbara and I enjoyed the rally.  We would give it a solid 10+ points.  We look forward eagerly to our next adventure.  We would enthusiastically recommend Adventure Caravans to friends or strangers.  It was fun!

    Frank & Barbara McCollum
  • “The entire team did a very good job. They were so helpful and lots of fun to be with. They bent over backwards to accommodate us. It was a great rally. The Rallymasters were lots of fun and so efficient. We had a very good time.”
    Jim & Jan Dawes
  • “I always wanted to know more about Texas – why people come here. Now I know!”
    Gayle Crompton


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New York City

  • “The trip was what we expected and more!”
    Joe & Margie Mirabella
  • “There wasn’t a thing or subject they [the Wagonmasters] wouldn’t bend over backwards to find out, get, or inform us about, and all with a cheerful and professional manner, no matter how tired.” “The thing we liked best on this tour was the variety and frequency of extra curricular activities, such as cultural tours, eating out, socials, games.” “We were led through and shown some of the most spectacular scenery we have ever seen.”
    Tom & Charlu Choate
  • “We only stayed five days but they were amazing!”
    Thomas & Colleen Brown
  • “So much planned, down to the last detail. Rallymasters, tour guide and bus driver were all super!”
    Betty Ogden
  • “Fabulous scenery, lots of wildlife, great weather and a great group of caravanners! I loved it!”
    Dee & Kelvin Capozzi
  • “Four star, a wonderful time, we did so much, saw so much and made at least three couples as life-long friends.”
    Monte & Linda Toon
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