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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

  • Destination: Rallies | Nationwide & International RV Tours
  • Duration: 10 days
October 06 – October 15, 2017
Two Person / RV $3,395
One Person / RV $2,695
Additional Guest $1,495
October 05 – October 14, 2018
Two Person / RV $3,595
One Person / RV $2,895
Additional Guest $1,595

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Adventure Caravans delivers a lot of hot air…and you’re going to love it!

Join Adventure Caravans RV Tours and Rallies as we travel to the only place where bags of hot air are honored! Where high inflation is a good thing! And, where reaching for the stars is only made more beautiful when it fails! Don’t dare miss the mystique of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM!

Dawn’s arrival is imminent along the foothills and prairies of the Sandia Mountains, where hundreds of balloonists gather to prepare their distinctive zeppelins for a mass ascension into the October skies of New Mexico. This spectacle is only the beginning. The pilots also compete, putting their impressive navigation skills on full display. Later, center stage is taken over by the charming and comical special shapes ascension, where balloons shaped as caricatures, curious objects, and other unexpected forms, delight spectators as they are released in a joyous and amusing launch. And, at evening’s passage, the balloons take on a special glow, ceremoniously floating just above the surface, this time, dancing in an esoteric glow against the dusky and dark backdrop of the night.

This event is considered “The world’s premiere Hot Air Balloon Show” for good reason. It was launched in 1972, when the record number of balloons successfully gathered and launched along the English countryside, was a mere 19. It only took but a couple of years, however, for this fledgling New Mexico show to decimate that record, and by the year 2000, Albuquerque’s Hot Air Balloon Fiesta had an unimaginable 1000+ balloons registered for lift-off.

The Balloon Fiesta was finally awarded a Guinness World Record in 2011 for Greatest Hot Air Balloon Ascent, the fastest and largest hot air balloon launching on record. The ever-growing number of balloonists registering to participate in this increasingly popular event, generated some serious debate about the importance of quality over quantity. Attempts to limit the number of participating balloons have been made throughout the years, but it has settled comfortably, in recent years, at an average of 500-800+ majestically drifting balloons.

Navigators from around the globe gather, balloons in tow, to Albuquerque’s famous “box” in search of the best flying conditions available on the planet. “The Box” is a moniker that refers to a most advantageous set of wind patterns and environmental conditions found in the region for hot-air ballooning, and it is no small part of this event’s international success and appeal. Along with the cool morning and evening temperatures, common in Albuquerque during the month of October, The Box provides the balloons an area so rich in favorable flying and navigating conditions, that 2014 saw balloonists from 22 countries eagerly participate in this aerial extravaganza. It’s a navigator’s dream to join hundreds of brightly colored airships from all over the world for a simultaneous ascension, resulting in a thrill that is just as jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring for themselves, as it is for the tens-of-thousands of spectators they fervently seek to entertain.

There is so much to do and see at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, it’s impossible to fit it all into one day. Among the countless events and activities are the balloon chase crews, who face many challenges as they assist the pilots and their launches, which result in scenes both impressive and entertaining. There are also many participating balloonists present just awaiting the opportunity to realize the dreams shared by many, of an open ride into the morning’s crisp and tranquil sky. The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is also considered the most photographed event in the world, so dust off that camera and start snapping some memories to share. There’s nary a scene that doesn’t translate into a beautifully captured moment on film. It’s no wonder the show attracts pilots, photographers and observers alike.

In addition to taking in the fabulous Hot Air Balloon experiences, we also make time for a tour of Old Town Albuquerque, which alone has enough sights and activities to fill a busy week. Among the countless activities on our Adventure Caravans RV Tours and Rallies itinerary, are an elaborate Indian dance demonstration at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, a visit to the Turquoise Museum, which houses pieces from over 100 different mines found around the world.  We also learn the history behind this mysterious, blue stone and the distinctive mines from where they were procured. A visit to the Acoma Pueblo is a must, as well. Considered the oldest settlement in North America, this site has been perpetually inhabited by the Anasazi people, who remain there to this day. In 2007, it was the only Native American site to be designated as an Historic Site by the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP). Its reception center, the Sky City Cultural Center is a sight of its own, with its rich cultural architecture and history.

Another non-balloon highlight during our time in New Mexico is a lunch stop atop the peak of Sandia Mountain. To get there, however, we must board the world’s longest tramway up the mountain. One of the most popular attractions in Central New Mexico, this engineering marvel provides a bird’s-eye view of nature’s grandeur, fully on display throughout the entire ride along the Land of Enchantment. The tram route displays towering walls of granite rock, eroded peaks, cliffs, and ravines, all framed by the majestic array of trees, including aspens, oaks, firs, spruce, and pines, all serving as housing to a spectrum of exotic bird species. From 4,000+ feet above the ground, this 360-degree view extends at least 100 miles out, showcasing the unparalleled views of the Jemez Mountains and its Redondo Peak, the Valle Grande volcanic crater, another “biggest in the world” the region has to brag about. Also visible are the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and the Manzano Mountain range, which beautifully frames the city of Santa Fe. Once arriving at the top of Sandia Mountain, the forest trails of Cibola National Forest await you with more natural wonders, unique rock formations, wildlife, and vegetation.

Take in the cultural significance and environmental beauty of the New Mexico region, while you also discover the magic, experience the fun, and witness the kaleidoscopic pageantry that only a sky full of bright, floating balloons can deliver. Whether it’s fun for the whole family you seek, a unique voyage for two, or even for those looking to fly solo, the balloon fiesta delivers an unforgettable experience, and Adventure Caravans RV Tours and Rallies can get you there…It’s truly so majestic, you’ll want to do again and again.


Day 1
● Get Acquainted Reception & Orientation with Liquid Refreshments
Private Balloon Pilot Demonstration
Hands-on-Demonstration of Balloon Flying by Experts
Oktoberfest Style Dinner Served in a Tent
Day 2
● Breakfast Served in Tent
● Dawn Patrol Show
● Morning Glow
● Opening Ceremonies
● Balloon Mass Ascension
● Chainsaw Carving Invitational
● Albuquerque Balloon Museum
● Twilight Twinkle Glow
America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race Launch
● Afterglow Gala Fireworks Show
Day 3
● Breakfast Served in Tent
● Dawn Patrol Show
● Morning Glow
● Balloon Mass Ascension
● Traditional Champagne Brunch
● Fiesta of Wheels Car Show
● Chainsaw Carving Invitational
● Night Magic Glow
● Afterglow Gala Fireworks Show
Day 4
● Breakfast Served in Tent
● Dawn Patrol Show
● Balloon Flying Events & Competition
Albuquerque City Highlights Motorcoach Tour
● Old Town Tour
● Turquoise Museum
● Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
● Indian Dancing Demonstration
● Dinner Served in Tent
Day 5
● Breakfast Served in Tent
● Dawn Patrol Show
● Balloon Flying Events & Competition
Albuquerque Motorcoach Tour
● Tram Ride to Sandia Peak – World’s Longest Tramway
● Lunch at High Finance Restaurant – Top of Sandia Peak
● Evening Social
Day 6
● Breakfast Served in Tent
● Dawn Patrol Show
● Morning Glow
● Flight of Nations Mass Ascension – and Flying Competition
Bernalillo County Motorcoach Tour
● Lunch at the Acclaimed El Pinto Restaurant
● Sky City Cultural Center
● Acoma Pueblo Tour
● Dinner Served in Tent
Day 7
● Breakfast Served in Tent
● Special Shapes Rodeo – Mass Ascension
● Balloon Flying Events & Competition
● Scenic Motorcoach Drive Along Turquoise Trail
Santa Fe City Motorcoach Tour
● Loretto Chapel & San Miguel Mission
● Special Shapes Glowdeo
● Afterglow Gala Fireworks Show
● Dinner Served in Tent
Day 8
● Breakfast Served in Tent
● Dawn Patrol Show
● Morning Glow
● Balloon Mass Ascension
● Chainsaw Carving Invitational
● Dinner Served in Tent
● Special Shapes Glowdeo
● Afterglow Gala Fireworks Show
Day 9
● Breakfast Served in Tent
● Dawn Patrol Show
● Morning Glow
● Balloon Mass Ascension
● Farewell Dinner Served in Tent
● Chainsaw Carving Invitational
● Music Fiesta featuring:
– Various Artists
– Night Magic Glow
– Afterglow Fireworks Show
Day 10
● Dawn Patrol Show
● Morning Glow
● Farewell Mass Ascension
● Hitch-up Breakfast, Hugs & Good-byes


Tour Features

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– Private Large Hospitality Tent for:
–    On-site Activities
–    To Host Lunches & Other Meals
–    Shelter if Inclement Weather
–    A Place to Meet with your Friends
–    Breakfast & Coffee Every Morning
– Tent is lighted in the Evenings for Get-togethers

– Excellent Viewing to Watch the Gala Fireworks Shows from your RV Parking Site



  • "It was so fun, with nice people, new friends, new places—what else do you want?!”
    Diana Foster
  • '...being our first caravan we worried about value... rest assured we're 100% satisfied... this was an investment in US!'
    John & Lizzy
  • “Everything was so well organized.”
    Carl & Sara Austin
  • “The team was the best. The fellow travelers were like old friends. It was above our expectation!”
    David & Gretta Storrs
  • “We had a ball! Our teams were great, we love all four of them!”
    Phil & Donna Laugen
  • “We learned a lot about the area and went to wonderful museums.”
    Dave & Marge Thomas

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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

  • “We learned so much! We definitely have a real appreciation for this wonderful excursion!”
    Bill & Carol Harrison
  • “Everything was great. Well done!! You know a lot about Chicago when you leave. Love the city.”
    Donna & Phillip Laugen
  • “I will be recommending to all of my RV friends, it is a must do!”
    Garry & Karen West
  • “We enjoyed looking at the photos. I agree regarding the description of the Kaori Wildlife Sanctuary stop. In fact I would rate it as the high point of the entire Queensland / New Zealand tour. I am surprised to see other tours, even tours billed as "wildlife tours", that don't even make that stop.”
    Norm Day
  • “Well organized; great tours; free time—very good schedule!”
    Jim & Gena Kinnamon
  • “This was our first tour and it exceeded our expectations!”
    Chris & Barb Christian
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