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Australia: Queensland
Australia, Nature Tour, Overseas Tours
18 days
Australia: Sydney
Australia, Nature Tour, Overseas Tours, Sydney
4 days
Australia: The Outback
Australia, Nature Tour, Overseas Tours, The Outback
15 days
Central Europe
Austria, Czech Republic, Europe, France, Germany, Hungary, Overseas Tours, Switzerland
29 days
France, Spain & Switzerland
Europe, France, Germany, Overseas Tours, Spain, Switzerland
35 days
Germany, Austria, Italy & Greece
Austria, Europe, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mediterranean, Overseas Tours
31 days
Germany, Italy, Switzerland & Austria
Austria, Europe, Germany, Italy, Overseas Tours, Switzerland
29 days
New Zealand
Australia, Nature Tour, New Zealand, Overseas Tours
20 days
Scandinavian Countries
Denmark, Europe, Germany, Norway, Overseas Tours, Sweden
29 days
South Africa – 16 Day
Overseas Tours, South Africa
16 days
United Kingdom & Ireland
Belgium, England, Europe, France, Germany, Ireland, Overseas Tours, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales
36 days

Travel to some of the oldest cities in the Europe… Take a glimpse into the animal kingdom of Africa… Reserve your next vacation oversees with Adventure Caravans!

Deciding your next vacation can be difficult, and we totally understand. That’s why at Adventure Caravans we give you a variety of tours to choose from. Having an array of tours also means being flexible enough to accommodate your time constraints. Our tours have a number of time frames to choose from so there’s no excuse to travel the world!

The first thing you’ll notice when you take one of our overseas tour is how well prepared it is. The friendly and experienced staff at Adventure Caravans take pride in the effort they put in planning and preparing each RV tour.

If you’ve ever planned a trip before then you understand how difficult it can be to plan exactly where you’re going. On our RV tour overseas, you’ll have an itinerary that marks all the destinations as well as the activities of your tour. You’ll be able to enjoy the most out of your vacation without having the frustration of planning it.

To guarantee your satisfaction, our tours overseas will encompass a variety of destinations that make each tour unique. If you plan to have your next vacation in Europe then we’ll take you to experience the most of it by viewing some of the oldest cities in the world. Once you’ve learned more about a cities past, it’ll be much more enjoyable when you partake in their modern leisure.

If you’re deciding on going to countries such as Africa, we won’t shy away from giving you the most unique experience. One of our highlights in our South African tour is being able to see the wildlife in their habitat. This is an activity that many get to experience.

Take a quick look at our available tours below and see which one will be your next vacation! If you have any more questions, our staff will be more than happy to answer. Don’t hesitate to book your next vacation, book a tour and join us oversees!