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Alaska & The Calgary Stampede
Alaska RV Tour, Canada RV Tours
63 days
Alaska & The Canadian Rockies
Alaska RV Tour, Canada RV Tours
59 days
All About Newfoundland
Canada RV Tours
51 days
Atlantic Provinces
Canada RV Tours
30 days
Fall Foliage & Niagara Falls
Canada RV Tours, United States RV Tours
33 days
Gaspé & The Atlantic Provinces
Canada RV Tours
58 days
Gaspé & The Maritime Provinces
Canada RV Tours
31 days
Northwest USA ~ Vancouver Island
Canada RV Tours, United States RV Tours
38 days
The Great Polar Bear Migration Deluxe
Canada RV Tours
20 days
The Ultimate Alaska Adventure
Alaska RV Tour, Canada RV Tours
48 days

Take your next adventure to Canada and experience one of the greatest travel destination!

Adventure Caravans wants to take your next summer vacation to the next level. Our guided tours will take you to a variety of fun and exciting travel experiences that can be easily missed if not planned properly. Take a look at why our Canadian tours are the perfect reason to book your next vacation at Adventure Caravans.

• Our Canadian tours offer a number of destinations to visit, as well as varying lengths of days. The number of tours you can choose from has exactly what everyone needs. Just look at a tour that matches your vacation days and look at the itinerary for you next vacation.
• Our tours offer a balance of exploring nature as well as the cities of Canada. Vacations shouldn’t make you give up the city if you want to enjoy nature, or vice-versa. Our tours have the perfect blend to make your vacation in Canada perfect.
• Our guided tours make it easy for you to plan your travel spots. We offer various ways for you to travel in your RV depending on your travel style. We make it as easy for you to plan your vacation so you can enjoy your time-off.

We understand if you’re busy and can’t take more than a few days off for vacation. Adventure Caravans offers you a variety of tours that is spread around all over Canada to help you take the break you need while fitting into your schedule.

To get the best of the Canada tours, Adventure Caravan offers a perfect combination of traveling the remote areas while also visiting historic towns. The complete experience you are offered with our Canadian tours will take you to beautiful mountain ranges taking your breath away as you look over the horizon. From the mountain ranges you’ll travel to calming lakes where you can take in the beauty of nature.

Once you’ve enjoyed becoming one with nature, tour around the cities. While you experience some city leisure, you’ll have a chance at experiencing great festivals such as the Calgary Stampede.

This is just the tip of what Canada has to offer. Take a quick look at our available tours below and see which one fits your schedule.