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Our desire is for all tour members to enjoy themselves on the trip they are to embark upon. Adventure Caravans has established the following policies to ensure everyone has a good tour. Each participant must sign a Waiver and Release agreement before participating in any tour or rally. Please read and understand our policies before departure.


Deposit required on all tours is $500 per registration (except Overseas Tours which require $500 deposit per person). You can register for your tour and pay the deposit either by phone, using an official registration form or by registering on our website at:

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send confirmation of your space on the tour and a receipt for your deposit. The final tour payment is due 120 Days prior to departure. If paying balance by check or money order you may deduct one percent (1%) from the final balance due. Around 150 Days prior to the tour date, you will receive your Preparation Packet and Rendezvous Information (for trips traveling to or through Mexico you will also receive a Mexico Insurance Packet). You will receive your Trip Log at Rendezvous. All payments must be made in US funds. Extra person charges do not include separate accommodations. Please call for pricing and pricing updates.

Adventure Caravans prices overseas tours [including transportation, fees, taxes, surcharges and currency exchange rates] well in advance of travel. Actual costs may increase, at 150 days prior to departure we finalize costs and advise you of any price changes. Our intention is to provide the best price on any tour and our goal remains – to maintain the best value in the industry.

Itineraries and prices are subject to change due to improvements and/or additional days.  Prices are subject to increase due to ferry re-measurement, fuel surcharges and/or major fluctuations in currency exchange rates.


It is understood and accepted that the function of Adventure Caravans is to organize and facilitate the tour. It is agreed that whomever is going on said trip is doing so entirely upon their own initiative, risk and responsibility (not acting under anyone else’s direction and/or control during the said trip), and will have complete and unrestricted control over their vehicles. It is the driver of the RV or other vehicle who is ultimately responsible for avoiding obstacles or dangerous situations and is solely responsible for any damages to their property or the property of others. Tour members acknowledge that they will be required to sign a Waiver and Release agreement provided by Adventure Caravans prior to participating in the said tour. Therefore, since the only function of Adventure Caravans is to organize and facilitate the tour, whoever is going on said tour agrees to assume all risks of accident, injury death or damages to themselves or their property. Further, they hereby release, hold harmless and agree to indemnify Adventure Caravans, and its affiliates, agents, contractors and employees from all liability, damage claims, demands, inconveniences, distress, frustration or cause of action – whether physical or mental. Wagonmasters and Tailgunners are Independent Contractors hired to facilitate tours and trips and are not employees of Adventure Caravans. Neither Adventure Caravans nor third party providers of outside services shall be held liable for any act, error or omission.

Adventure Caravans acts only as an agent for the transportation companies, sightseeing contractors and other principals included in the itinerary and is not a principal or operator for the subject services. We reserve the right to cancel or alter any itinerary as conditions require. Changes may involve sightseeing events, shows, campgrounds, and/or meals. Changes may be made in the best interest of the member participating, or as a result of circumstances beyond our control. Adventure Caravans reserves the right to cancel any scheduled tour prior to departure. In the event this occurs after final payment, all deposits and payments will be refunded in full. We reserve the right to substitute shows, performances and tours when scheduled events are not available. Adventure Caravans is not responsible for the actions of Independent Contractors or expense due to delays caused by weather, mechanical problems or other circumstances beyond our control.


Tour members are responsible for their personal behavior, actions, driving infractions, insurance, mechanical maintenance of their vehicles and group cooperation. Adventure Caravans Wagonmasters reserve the right to decline to retain, any tour member without refund, as a member of the tour if his/her conduct is contrary to the best interest of the other tour members in the group. Any tour member who does not show up, deviates from or leaves the group early for any reason whatsoever, forfeits his fees paid – but retains the option to re-join the same tour later in the trip without penalty. Rally or caravan attendees grants ADVENTURE CARAVANS, INC. permission to retain any refunds and/or credits from our suppliers. Rally or caravan attendees grant full permission to any and all foregoing use of his/her likeness, including photographs and video recording, for publicity and advertising purposes without compensation. By accepting the tour and making the deposit, registrant(s) understand and agree to abide by the terms and responsibilities of this agreement.

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