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Safety is our priority

Adventure Caravans continues to lead escorted RV tours to Mexico with the understanding that we DO NOT travel to dangerous areas, we only travel during daylight hours and encourage all guests to travel in groups offering support and companionship to fellow travelers.

Mexico continues to be a desirable winter climate, a destination that is considerably more comfortable and affordable than almost any other North American location. This is a land of courteous and generous people. There are wonderful places to visit south of the border – and we would like to be the ones to show you this land in a safe and fun tour.

The Mexico department of tourism [Turistica de Mexico] registers and monitors caravans entering Mexico – and has provided the services of the Green Angels as a courtesy.

Safety in Mexico and even further south is much like traveling anywhere foreign. Currently [as of May 2012] Mexico has continued to be in the Top FIVE winter destinations worldwide. Much like the cities in the US and Canada, Mexico has areas tourists choose to avoid.

Traveling the roads is much like those found in the United States – most are manicured and maintained, however many roads are a bit more narrow and require attentive driving. Construction, potholes and rough roads are a continuing problem, and driving cautiously is always recommended.

RVing in Mexico

Many of the RV Parks are not up to the same standards as those found in the US. Many are cramped [especially those in the Yucatan and Central America regions] and have limited amenities and poor electrical service. We select the parks based upon safety, points of interest, convenience and availability of services. Most parks do not have sufficient electrical capacity for the use of air conditioners – however, electricity is available at most of the stops.

Propane Gas, Sewer Hook-Ups, Dump Stations and many conveniences are readily available throughout Mexico. Finding groceries, fresh and packaged, is common and convenient. Many of the brands are the same in Mexico, however it is essential to be flexible in your hunt for familiar products and name brand items.

Purified water for safe consumption is easily purchased. Many Water Purification centers can fill your freshwater tank or 5 gallon jugs for a very reasonable price. We also provide information for filtering and treatment for personal/household use.

Mexico vehicle liability insurance is required. Your US and Canadian collision and comprehensive insurance [in most cases] will not cover you. We have negotiated a ‘caravan insurance rate’ that is among the lowest anywhere. We include details and forms in your pretour package. You can contact Caravan Insurance Services, LLC directly: 1-800-489-0083.

People’s experiences range when it comes to their travels south of the border… Mexico is a developing country, with a growing middle-economic class, and it is in our best interest to ‘tell-it like it is’. We make reservations up to 2 years in advance, however these reservations get lost or overbooked and we will make some last minute changes. We have learned that the most important requirement for successful travel in Mexico is to be flexible and prepared for the unexpected. A happy RVer is one with an open mind, is congenial, can roll with the punches and doesn’t expect the same conveniences as those found at home.

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