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ral-ly [ral-ee] verb, ral·lied, ral·ly·ing / noun, plural ral·lies. Verb (with object) 1. to draw or call (persons) together for a common action or effort: They rallied at the festival enjoying the activities together. Noun 2. a get-together of travelers, tourists or other like-minded enthusiasts, primarily to meet and socialize around an event or activity. You will have more fun at Adventure Caravans rallies.



A gathering of RVers – who meet at a fixed location to participate in a popular area, event or happening. We enjoy North America’s greatest events with RVers who have shared interests, similar backgrounds, or perhaps a little of both. Rallies are a great place to meet-up with friends from previous tours to hold a mini-reunion and catchup – or to make new friends of a lifetime.

Our rendezvous park will be used as our ‘hub’ [homebase] holding various activities and events. From the ‘hub’ we will venture to the surrounding area to enjoy attractions and events related to the theme and culture of the rally location. This is commonly referred to as a ‘hub and spoke’ tour.



We stay at the RV park with the right balance of amenities, and proximity to our attractions… so that you can enjoy the comfort and convenience expected from an Adventure Caravans Rally.


Most Rallies are at popular events and destinations… and are a great way to get-in on the good stuff like the Rose Parade, Branson, Pigeon Forge,  NASCAR, Kentucky Derby, Mardi Gras, Top Broadway Shows, Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta or even the Calgary Stampede – especially for a hassle free experience where tickets are hard to come by.
Once the Rally has begun, all necessary transportation for tours, events and activities is pre-arranged. Guided motorcoach tours, train rides, cruises… all are planned in advance.



The Field Staff will provide necessary transportation if you need a quick lift to the grocery or if an emergency arises. Luxury Motorcoach Transportation is included for all tours as listed in the itinerary, however, there is an occasional need for a ‘ride-share’ activity. We suggest you review the most current itinerary on our website.


Adventure Caravans Rally Price Includes:

CAMPING FEES for dates [nights in the RV Park / Campground] for the Rally as listed in the itinerary.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES of our Adventure Caravans Field Staff.

ALL TICKETS & ADMISSIONS for Shows, Events, & Activities as noted.

ALL LISTED TOURS for Motorcoach, Boat, Ferry, Tram & Train Tours PLUS Professional Guides as noted.

GRATUITIES for All Tour Guides, Bus Drivers, Boat Crew Members and Wait Staff at Group Meals.

SOCIALS & PARTIES: We host regular Socials & Evening Get-Togethers.

PERSONAL GIFT: A Commemorative Tour Pin & Adventure Caravans Gift is always included.

NAME BADGES: A durable, engraved laminate badge with lanyard and Tags for your traveling pets.

Memories to last a lifetime!




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