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Adventure Caravans works with groups and individuals to create RV experiences that meet many of their vacation and travel needs. There are a wide variety of options and solutions that we will help you identify and create the adventure you are seeking. There are two options in our customization of tours.



Adventure Caravans is happy to custom design an exclusive tour or rally for any group or club of 16 or more rigs. We encourage group travel and are able to provide group discount rates as the size of your group increases. We take into account both the variable and fixed costs to help our guests realize the greatest value on tour. If your club (or group) need assistance organizing, leading or conducting a tour, please know that we are happy to assist and provide you with information that will help you plan your events.


PARTIAL ROUTE TOURS [individual or group]

If you find that a portion of a moving tour (caravan) fits your time and travel requirements better than participating in the entire tour or route, please let us know so we can price the portion of the tour that you are most interested in partaking and so that we can guide you to a solution that is a best fit for joining and departing the tour.

For groups who are interested in a portion of a moving tour – please contact our offices so we can help determine the best time of year for that area and the experiences that you and your group are looking to participate in. By choosing an existing tour or rally we can organize something more quickly – we always like to work in the areas where we are familiar and have real experiences to set appropriate expectations of all guests.

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